Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Checking in

Yes I am still here - it has been an epic process of painting, moving furnitue, boxes and all the miscellaneous junk that seems to multiply just when you think you've moved the final carload! My old place is clean, my new place is a mess.

Highlights from the last few weeks:
  • discovering that it takes approximately 3 hours to paint one coat of semi-gloss on all the trimming in one room - yes, just one room! That includes skirtings, cupboard door frames, door frame, window frame. The upside is that I am becoming a lot more precise and a lot less messy at painting trim without painters tape (not worth the effort in my opinion!)
  • Getting my pine floorboards stained and polished. They look fantastic and it makes such a big difference to the feel of the place. I was aiming for a colour similar to John and Sherry's mocha floorboards, but I don't think I quite got the message across to the floor guy. Never mind though - he was extremely helpful and efficient and very good value.
  • Meeting some of my neighbours last night which turned into an impromptu multi-house tour. Neighbour number one "C" purchased her place two weeks after I bought mine. Her place was virtually identical to mine, but not anymore! She's in the process of gutting the kitchen, laundry, living and dining spaces to open it all up - exactly my long term plan. Then we happened to meet neighbour number two "G" who has the only unit in the block which has been renovated. She invited us in to check it out (after everyone had been over to my place to compliment my floorboards of course :) ) and I was absolutely blown away. I couldn't even comprehend how her place was laid out compared to the original, it was so different. So now I have lots of ideas for my future renovations!
  • Using my teeny tiny kitchen - I am borrowing a bar fridge from my parents and boy is it small! And I'm borrowing a microwave from them too and boy is it HUGE! And I really didn't have much counterspace to begin with. Anyway I think I can cope for a few weeks and I can look into buying a decent fridge at the Boxing Day  sales.
My immediate plans for the next few days:
  • unpack all kitchen and bathroom boxes
  • paint last coat on kitchen cupboards
I can't post any pictures at the moment because I don't have any internet access at home yet, and my phone is perpetually on roaming (grrr Vodafone and Three!) so I can't even email the pictures from my phone to myself to get them only my work computer to be able to post them up! I will put some on a USB stick tonight.

Pictures tomorrow, promise!

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