Friday, December 31, 2010

Broken promises...oops :(

Well I clearly did not keep my promise to upload some progress pictures - oops. In my defence, I had awful internet access - tethering my iPhone to my computer while waiting for my broadband to be connected, which was more frustrating than not having internet in the first place - thanks Three for your awful awful reception!

I had my broadband connected on the 22nd December, which gave me approximately 10 minutes of FAST, RELIABLE internet access before having to pack up to head to my parent's place for Christmas. I got back yesterday, and am trying to summon the energy to get back into the painting routine again...

And now for some pretty pictures...well, not exactly pretty, but getting there!

Above: a reminder of the original living room - moments before the carpet was ripped up.

Above: a sea of brown...the first bedroom with brown trim, skirtings, doors and carpets

Above: the hallway showing the door leading to the kitchen. Ripping the top layer off the wallpaper was easy! Getting the bottom layer off was much much harder, and we've probably only done a quarter of what we need to do in the hallway.

Above: living room from kitchen - no more carpet! Those are pine floorboards underneath the carpet - not the best, but they will look a lot better than that horrible carpet.

Above: carpet tacks (I don't know if this is the correct name, but it's a strip of wood with little spikes sticking up that is nailed to the floor boards around the perimeter of a room to hold the carpet and stop it from moving from side to side. I borrowed a crowbar from a friend and worked out a system to prise it up - not hard but very noisy (hammering the crowbar) and very repetitive :(

Above: carpet tacks out!

Above: first bedroom cupboard with a delightful custom built in shelving unit. That got ripped out quick-smart!

So a quick summary of what we  (myself, my mom and dad) got done on the first day:
  • ripped up the carpet in the living room, bedrooms and hallway
  • ripped up the carpet underlay and discovered a couple of 1c and 2c coins from 1981! So perhaps the carpet isn't original to the 1978 building? Or perhaps the house wasn't built in's a mystery!
  • pulled up a gazillion staples out of the floorboards
  • pried off all the carpet tacking around the perimeter of the rooms
  • pulled up a lot of nails left in the floorboards where the carpet tacking splintered around the nail that was holding it in
  • ripped out the shelves in the bedroom cupboard
We didn't pull up the lino in the kitchen/dining/laundry area because a) the building inspection said there might be asbestos under the lino, and b) in the future I would like to do a full kitchen renovation and I didn't want to spend money getting the kitchen floorboards done when the location of the kitchen cabinets and walls would change, and the floor would have to be redone anyway. Besides, looking at the hideous lino is a good motivation to get the kitchen done!

This post is pretty late, and we have made lots of progress since, but I'll divide it into readable chunks!

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