Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting educated

In January I attended my first Owners Corporation meeting and left as the elected Chairperson for the year (read all about it here). I had a vague idea of what the role entailed, and did a bit of research online, but I wasn't feeling 100% confident about my obligations in the role.

At the time of doing all that research back in January I signed up for an information session through Consumer Affairs Victoria - the next available session was in March!

Last night I attended the session, and I have to say it was extremely helpful - isn't it interesting how much clearer things become when you're not just reading them on a computer screen?

I would highly recommend attending this session if you have any sort of formal role in your Owners Corporation or OC Committee.

The next session is in June, and details can be found on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website under the Resources and Education section.

I am now feeling much more confident in my role as the Chairperson of the Owners Corporation Committee (which in our case is the whole Owners Corporation, since we only have 10 units). So far it has not been particularly onerous, but of course it is better to be prepared than to fight fires in a crisis.

Now all I need to do is organise the painting of all the units - the facade is mainly brick, but all the eaves, gutters, garage doors and trim needs to be painted. It has been a dark brown colour for the last 12 years (from what I've been told), and now there are three colour choices on the table:



Mission Brown (the same as it is right now)

Out of the three options, I prefer the grey. The cream will look dirty very quickly and I don't want to repaint the same colour we already have! I think the grey will blend in nicely, and will look quite contemporary. Here's a shot of the outside of my unit, to give you an idea of how the grey could blend in:

Wow it's really obvious how much the brown has faded over 12 years!

Of course, the decision is not up to me - it's a majority vote of the Owners Corporation. My role is to seek updated paint quotes (so far all indicators are that it's pretty pricey) for the colour choices and seek a vote based on the quotes. Each member gets a vote, and the majority rules.

Will keep you posted!

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  1. My vote goes for Woodland Grey! I hope the others agree, it would definitely update the exterior in a big way.

    Ps - nice garden ;)