Monday, September 26, 2011

The Renovators: Sixties Suburban bedroom

I'm a few days behind now - when the other rooms get finished I won't be able to keep up!

Here's my take on the Sixties Suburban bedroom:

  • It goes without saying - the walk-in wardrobe! I just had to include the really blah picture at the end - it doesn't do it justice.
  • Love the pop of green and the strong statement made by the mirror and the dresser
  • The lamps - I don't think I'd have them in my own bedroom, but these are definitely my favourites so far, and I think they really go well with the rest of the room
  • The slipper chair with the side table - the perfect spot for a book and coffee 
  • The plain drum pendant light (you can't really see it in the photos) - simple, classic, perfect!

  • Don't like the scatter cushions on the bed - I'd definitely swap them for three bigger cushions in different (but coordinating) prints
  • Again, I think the windows need some breezy curtains hung "high and wide" (to quote John and Sherry from YoungHouseLove)
  • The room needs layers and texture - it's hard to see what the flooring actually is based on the photos (it looks like a different colour/texture in every photo!) but maybe a layered rug under the bed? With some pattern or texture, like sisal or jute.
  • A mix of furniture styles - I'm not a fan of the matching bedroom set, I definitely like the 'collected over time' look. 
  • Overall the room is quite masculine, and obviously I prefer something a bit more feminine ;-) The addition of curtains, more pattern and texture and layering would definitely lessen the masculinity of the room. Oh, and of course, fill that wardrobe up!

Tomorrow - the Half-Done House.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Renovators: Fibro Cottage bedroom

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm loving Channel 10's new show The Renovators. In a recent episode, each team had to  reveal a completed bedroom to the judges. This is my take on what I loved and what I'd change for each of the rooms.

Second, the Fibro Cottage. If I had to pick, I'd say these boys are my favourite contestants. Bearing in mind they recently won a $20,000 furniture package from Freedom which they weren't able to use yet, they did this room on a very small budget as they will probably re-do it later.

  • the wall colour with the crisp white trim
  • great sized room!
  • love the white mirror on the wall
  • DIY bed head and reupholstered chairs
  • The rooms is crying out for some colour - a couple of cushions on the bed, a throw on the chair and some artwork
  • I'd put a small table between the chairs, and maybe a rug (patterned for sure!) in front of the chairs to 'zone' the room.
  • A much bigger wardrobe - that little one will not do!
  • Maybe some light curtains to soften the room? And somehow balance out that off-centre window behind the chairs...
  • Again, not loving the lamps (methinks I'm a tad picky about lamps?!)
  • As with the Weatherboard House, the room needs layering - a range of different accessories and soft furnishings, some texture etc.

Can't wait to see this room when they get their Freedom furniture package, because judging by their white room efforts, these guys have great style.

Come back tomorrow for the Sixties Suburban!

If you missed out on my take of the Weatherboard House's bedroom, read about it here.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Renovation Addiction

Anyone addicted to The Renovators?

I'm a few episodes behind - thank goodness for my DVR! Tonight I watched the episode where each team revealed their first fully done room. Each had some fantastic elements, and each had a few things that I would change. This is just my personal opinion mind you, so feel free to disagree!

First up, the Weatherboard House:

Loving: the colour palette, high ceilings (and the gorgeous detail), picture rails, bedding, bed, built in robes (swoon!) and floors. It's a great sized room - I'm jealous!

What I'd change: I wouldn't use tie-backs on the curtains (seems very 90s to me), the rug and not loving the lamps. I'd add a pop of colour with accessories, a jute or sisal rug and I'm not sold on the dressing table - I'd use a long chest of drawers (like a dresser) with a large mirror propped on top against the wall. To me the chandelier looks a little small, perhaps it's just the angle on TV. Overall I think the room needs more layers - artwork, accessories and bits and pieces that give it some personality. Lastly, I'd add some sort of seating somewhere - perhaps a narrow bench under the window, or a slipper chair in the corner to the right of the window.

Excuse the photo quality - these are screen grabs from the actual episode, since I couldn't find any pictures on The Renovators website!

Come back tomorrow to see my take on the Fibro Cottage bedroom.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So it's been a while! I haven't been feeling very motivated to get much done in the last few months, hence the lack of posting.

I have made some painting progress (with the help of my mom), and been tending my front garden (which is completely infested with onion weed, it's driving me crazy!).

I was in Target the other day and saw some great homewares, I took some iPhone photos which didn't turn out great, but here they are anyway (somewhat enhanced by the Pioneer Woman's Photoshop Actions).

Below: a great neutral doona cover - although it wouldn't last long around my cat!

Below: bold yet whimsical print on these cushions, I think they were $25.

Below: love me a bird print!

Below: I really love this print - it would go really well in my living room (well, the decorated, neat and tidy living room in my head anyway) - might keep a look out to see if these go on sale.

Below: fun serving ware, the platters and jugs are made from metal and the design is punched out of the metal. Great for an outdoor party!

Below: love love love this round mirror, I think it was $89. Those are my legs - couldn't figure out how to get the picture without me in it! I'll definitely keep a look out for this one on sale.

Below: another gorgeous mirror, although I think the 'shabby chic' frame is no longer my style. I'd spray paint it a bright bold colour like yellow or turquoise  - love mixing traditional shapes with contemporary colours.

Below:  Apothecary jar with an ill-fitting lid (I really couldn't get the lid to sit straight, so if you buy one make sure it fits!) These were $35. I love the look of apothecary jars also this is probably a little too tall and skinny...and right now I can't quite think what I would use it for (my new motto is functional AND stylish!)

Below: love the shape of the base of this lamp, I would pair it with a straight drum shade and if I felt especially daring, I'd spray paint the base a bold colour. Unfortunately this style comes with the shade that is pictures, although Target does have a range of separate lamp bases and shades to mix and match (although hardly any straight drum shades).

That's all I could manage to photograph - felt super self-conscious about it (and kept waiting for someone to reprimand me - I used to work in retail and customers were definitely not allowed to photograph the merchandise).

Hopefully there's some nice weather on the weekend and I can take some in-progress photos - I think I have come a long way since the previous progress photos although I've still got lots to do.