Thursday, September 22, 2011

Renovation Addiction

Anyone addicted to The Renovators?

I'm a few episodes behind - thank goodness for my DVR! Tonight I watched the episode where each team revealed their first fully done room. Each had some fantastic elements, and each had a few things that I would change. This is just my personal opinion mind you, so feel free to disagree!

First up, the Weatherboard House:

Loving: the colour palette, high ceilings (and the gorgeous detail), picture rails, bedding, bed, built in robes (swoon!) and floors. It's a great sized room - I'm jealous!

What I'd change: I wouldn't use tie-backs on the curtains (seems very 90s to me), the rug and not loving the lamps. I'd add a pop of colour with accessories, a jute or sisal rug and I'm not sold on the dressing table - I'd use a long chest of drawers (like a dresser) with a large mirror propped on top against the wall. To me the chandelier looks a little small, perhaps it's just the angle on TV. Overall I think the room needs more layers - artwork, accessories and bits and pieces that give it some personality. Lastly, I'd add some sort of seating somewhere - perhaps a narrow bench under the window, or a slipper chair in the corner to the right of the window.

Excuse the photo quality - these are screen grabs from the actual episode, since I couldn't find any pictures on The Renovators website!

Come back tomorrow to see my take on the Fibro Cottage bedroom.


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