Monday, September 26, 2011

The Renovators: Sixties Suburban bedroom

I'm a few days behind now - when the other rooms get finished I won't be able to keep up!

Here's my take on the Sixties Suburban bedroom:

  • It goes without saying - the walk-in wardrobe! I just had to include the really blah picture at the end - it doesn't do it justice.
  • Love the pop of green and the strong statement made by the mirror and the dresser
  • The lamps - I don't think I'd have them in my own bedroom, but these are definitely my favourites so far, and I think they really go well with the rest of the room
  • The slipper chair with the side table - the perfect spot for a book and coffee 
  • The plain drum pendant light (you can't really see it in the photos) - simple, classic, perfect!

  • Don't like the scatter cushions on the bed - I'd definitely swap them for three bigger cushions in different (but coordinating) prints
  • Again, I think the windows need some breezy curtains hung "high and wide" (to quote John and Sherry from YoungHouseLove)
  • The room needs layers and texture - it's hard to see what the flooring actually is based on the photos (it looks like a different colour/texture in every photo!) but maybe a layered rug under the bed? With some pattern or texture, like sisal or jute.
  • A mix of furniture styles - I'm not a fan of the matching bedroom set, I definitely like the 'collected over time' look. 
  • Overall the room is quite masculine, and obviously I prefer something a bit more feminine ;-) The addition of curtains, more pattern and texture and layering would definitely lessen the masculinity of the room. Oh, and of course, fill that wardrobe up!

Tomorrow - the Half-Done House.

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  1. Hi Jacqui. Just stopping by to say 'hi' and thanks for commenting on my dining room.
    I loved The Renovators too. How awesome would it have been to have their warehouse! All that goodness to pick and choose from.
    It was disapointing that the houses didn't sell well because now I don't think they'll be making a new series in a hurry. Now there is nothing on to watch. My sister keeps telling me I should get Foxtel because apparently they have a heap of decorating programs on their lifestyle channel though I just can't justify paying for TV. I'm tight like that :-)