Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye Oliver

Yesterday I had some sad news - our family cat Oliver was found dead by our neighbours, presumably hit by a car. I hope he didn't suffer.

We got Oliver from the RSPCA, and he was a feisty little kitten. Actually I'd describe him as quite crazy - he never stopped moving and playing even when all the other kittens were asleep. We got him in 2006 - here's a rare moment when he actually stopped for a minute! (The green ear is from the ear tattoo to indicate the animal has been desexed.

Ollie was a big cat, all male. He walked like a lion and his nose scrinched up when you tickled him under the chin. He had super soft ears speckled with individual white hairs, and hated having his stomach touched - if you went near it his back legs would come up ready to disembowel you at any moment!

Oliver playing with Tilly through the window

When he was younger he was absolutely obsessed with getting into containers - empty boxes, shopping bags, the laundry basket. Put a container down and he'd be in it before you could blink. Here he's taken up residence in the Trivial Pursuit box - not that he would have fitted into it once he was fully grown!

Love this picture sent to my by my mom - Oliver and Tilly hanging out on the bed. Too cute.

When Oliver was only a few months old he went missing for two nights. We eventually discovered him at the top of a tree in our neighbour's back garden, 20 feet up. He'd been up there for three days and two nights, and couldn't get down. The fire brigade said their ladders weren't long enough, so I called the SES and left a message without much hope. I was at work and living out of home but got a text from my mom saying the SES had arrived with a long ladder and had rescued Ollie. We're not sure who was more relieved - us or him!

 Oliver Hoare, 2006-2012

You will be sorely missed and I hope you're in kitty nirvana, where you can stay out all night, eat as much food as you like whenever you want it, and get scratched under your chin whenever you need some love.

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