Sunday, May 6, 2012

Monthly solar stats: 20 Feb - 16 April 2012

I know this isn't exactly a month's calculation, but my solar PV system was switched off for 3 weeks from when my bi-directional meter was installed to when Jemena finally got around to configuring it.

The bi-directional meter was installed on 29 February and my solar PV system was off from 29 February - 21 March. During that time my electric hot water system was on a peak rate.

Stats for month 3 (36 days: 20 February - 17 April, not including 29 February - 21 March):

Month 3 export: 225.6kWh
Month 3 operational hours: 395 hours
Month 3 average daily export: 6.27kWh

The daily export has decreased slightly which would be due to the change in weather - winter is on the way!

Cumulative total (since installation on 16 December 2011):
Total export: 715.5kWh
Total operational hours: 1202 hours
Average daily export: 7.16kW

So far I am really happy with the output. It will be interesting to see how the system performs in winter - since the last measurement the weather has been inconsistent - we've had some lovely sunny days but also quite a few overcast rainy days.

What I was not happy about was having my solar off for 3 weeks AND having my hot water usage charged at peak rates during that time. Jemena said it would take 1-2 weeks for the meter to be remotely programmed before I could turn my system back on, and in the end it took 3 weeks after me calling twice and emailing to follow up.

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