Sunday, September 30, 2012

House progress's been a while. No excuses...

Anyway, I had a week off work and lucky for me my mom came to stay. Otherwise I may have spent the whole week being lazy and eating chocolate! But instead we tackled quite a few projects:
  • cleared the back garden of weeks (again!) and this time laid down weed mat
  • planted basil, chives, chillies and spring onions 
  • planted some liriope in the back garden
  • planted petunias, lobelia and white daisies in the front garden
  • scored a bargain outdoor table at Bunnings
  • finished painting the kitchen cupboards
  • patched and painted most of the holes in door frames leftover from having wall light switches installed (and removing the architrave switches)
  • painted the door frame leading from the kitchen to the laundry
  • laid down my new rug in the living room
  • put up curtains in my room and the spare bedroom
  • donated a bunch of clothes, books and bits and pieces to the op shop
 Still to do:
  • paint the wardrobe doors in the spare bedroom
  • paint the door frame and door in the hallway 
  • paint the back door and door frame
  • paint the laundry window frame
  • touch up areas where I've patched walls
  • keep plugging away at removing the wallpaper in the hallway
 Next up...some "after" photos.

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