Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Solar Stats - June 2012

So...I haven't been very good at checking my solar stats every month. My bad.

Here's some new figures based on the inverter data on the 9th of June:

Stats for months 4 & 5 - 52 days (18 April - 9 June 2012):

Month 4 & 5 export: 183.1 kWh
Month 4 & 5 operational hours: 451 hours
Month 4 & 5 average daily export: 3.52 kWh

The daily export has decreased almost by half - what a different winter makes!

Cumulative total (since installation on 16 December 2011):
Total export: 898.6 kWh
Total operational hours: 1653 hours
Average daily export: 5.91 kW

My electricity bill was much lower than the same quarter last year which was great - exact figures to come.

Excuse the quality of the photo - it's really tricky to get a photo of the readings because the screen cycles through three different sets of data, and I can never actually see what I'm taking a photo of due to the glare on the iPhone screen!

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