Saturday, November 5, 2016

Review: K-Mart Multi Grater, Slicer And Dicer

I recently purchased the K-Mart Multi Grater, Slice and Dicer after watching Mind over Munch videos on YouTube.

There are eight different attachments for slicing, dicing and grating. The whole thing seems quite sturdy and made of good quality plastic. Dealing with all the blades is a little tricky but I didn't cut myself.

So during my recent meal prep, I used it to grate my zucchini, chop capsicum and chop red onion.

The grating attachment did great (get it :P) job with the zucchini. I didn't use the safety guard as I had the stalk of the zucchini still attached and I was careful when getting closer to the end.

So far, so good!

Perfect for grating zucchini so far

Then I put on the larger chopping attachment for the capsicum. I had cut it into larger pieces and could fit 3-4 pieces on the blade at once. This is where things started to go downhill...

To chop, you push down the lid, essentially squashing your vegetable onto the blade. You have to push with a fair amount of force until the vegetable suddenly gives way to the blade and is chopped. My concern with this is that the vegetable is becoming quite crushed and bruised in the process - fine if you're going to eat it or cook it straight away, but I'm not sure how well the produce will go in the next few days.

I switched out the large chopping blade for the smaller one to chop red onion with the same issue. The onion was getting quite bruised and battered. And it didn't prevent the tears from flowing when transferring it from the bowl to the dish I was preparing! I've read that the secret to cutting onions without tearing up is to use an extremely sharp knife, as the gas that is released from the onion that makes you tear up is released when the onion's cells are broken or crushed. So that makes sense.

Things did not improve when it came to cleaning this gadget. While it comes with a little multi-pronged pick to clean out the part of the lid that pushes the food through the blade, cleaning the blades themselves was a nightmare. Because the food wasn't cleanly chopped, bits of crushed capsicum and onion were stuck in the blades. Added to the fact that I was trying to avoid cutting myself, I was finding it impossible to get the chopping blades clean. I eventually resorted to using my eyebrow tweezers to pick off all the vegetable matter!

See all those globs - thats bits of mushed onion that I had to use tweezers to remove!

Whilst the vegetable chopping might have taken less time than using a knife and a cutting board, the clean up well and truly used up that saved time and then some.

I suppose I should have thought this through - in my journey to minimalism, purchasing another kitchen gadget that takes up space and costs money when my existing knife and chopping board can do the same thing was not a good decision.

I've washed it all thoroughly and will be returning it in the packaging as soon as possible!

Overall, if you don't already own a mandolin and a cheese grater, this gadget would be useful. Cleaning might be easier with a dishwasher but handwashing it is a PITA!

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