Monday, March 6, 2017

Bathroom renovation: new window installed (day 4)

Day 4: Saturday

Huge changes on day 4 - the room is really starting to transform.

The carpenters removed the framing for the dividing wall between the original toilet and bathroom (we hadn't removed it until then as we weren't 100% sure if the wall was structural so we waited for them to check).

They then got to work framing up the new doorway and getting rid of the old windows.

By the end of the day they had installed the new (enormous!) window and things were looking great.

At this stage we realised that we hadn't taken into account the width of the window and the architraves, and had to move the bath spout plumbing over slightly (closer to the left wall) which meant the bath was positioned closer to the wall than I would have liked.

The new window was purchased from an eBay seller for a few hundred dollars - the trick is to be flexible with the colour and size. This one was a creamy colour (unfortunately) but luckily had frosted glass.

Bathroom renovation: plumbing rough-in (day 3)

Day 3: Friday/Saturday

Roughing-in is the term used by tradies to roughly decide where your plumbing and electrical needs to be.

Plumbing rough-in

The plumber and I decided where the bath, shower and basin taps and spout would be - how far up off the floor, how far from the nearest wall etc. This is tricky because the room had no plasterboard, so you have to allow for extra space for plasterboard and tiles.

My one piece of advice is to measure measure measure! And don't rely on the measurements on the box - always measure the item itself. Spoiler alert - the measurement of the vanity as detailed on the box was shorter than the vanity actually was. So when it came time to install the vanity and above-counter basin, the mixer tap and spout were about 50mm too low. This was discovered after the plumbing was installed and the tiling was finished and required some creative problem solving (stay tuned!)

Summary of plumbing changes:

  • Shower: I kept the shower plumbing in the same place, but added a rain showerhead on the perpendicular wall to where the taps and regular adjustable showerhead originally were.
  • Toilet: moved the toilet 90 degrees from the back wall to the left hand wall, and changed from a P-trap to an S-trap (waste pipe through the floor rather than the wall - see image below)
  • Bath: kept the placement of the taps but moved the spout to the foot of the bath (so you don't have boiling how water running onto your hip while you're in the bath, but you can control the taps without having to sit up and lean forward)
  • Basin: moved the plumbing completely

Electrical rough-in

My brother is my electrician, so the electrical was all a bit of an afterthought. He replaced the wiring from the switchboard that was running through the back wall to the bathroom and kitchen. He also relocated it from above the window to below the window - I don't remember why this was a better way of doing it. We didn't give much thought to the placement of electrical outlets at this stage (oops!)